Hebron Valley Elementary

About Us
Be Brave!

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! We are gearing up to open our doors and make a lasting imprint on young lives. 
Our children come to school every morning with excitement and zest; these are the characteristics that make it the perfect time to capture their minds. Our goal is to help mold and shape them into motivated, compassionate, and productive citizens who are equipped to create their 21st Century dreams.
I ask that you join us in our efforts to prepare students to learn, grow and foster a love for education. Take time to read with your students, to see learning in everyday activities, and to help them better understand themselves and the changing world around them. It takes a village to offer a school rich in history and powerful in creating learners for the digital future. We thank you for valuing your child’s education and for the collaboration efforts you make with teachers each day. We look forward to continuing this partnership for the benefit of all kids!